Often, is the simple things in life that makes a wedding beautiful...

Ead showed me some pix he took when he attended Kuang & Juli's wedding.. Yes Chi Kuang from 39east, our great photographer... http://eadwine.livejournal.com/tag/weddingpics
Kuang did tell me he's not wearing a suit for his wedding, and it's a simple celebration at the house backyard..

And when I saw the pictures, I was so happy, he truly stands up for what he believes.. And I have to say I love the pictures, I love the setup, so simple and so pretty and real. You can tell they are in love, and everyone is having fun.
Not much elaborate setup, but some lanterns, and flowers in vases, but loads of intimate moments with their loved ones.. I just love those shots.
It once again reminded me, simple things in life makes a wedding beautiful...


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