After 7 years....God is still faithful.

Today, we had a wedding at White Rabbit, and it was another beautiful wedding. Unlike our usual weddings, it was a design that was created with no frills, rustic white and green table centrepieces with interesting ingredients - herbs. Handmade placecards, no coloured lightings, but simply the ambience lightings from the restaurant. And when I was seated outside at the courtyard, I was reminded simplicity is truly beauty at times.. sometimes the most simple things created by God is the most beautiful things discovered.
I never felt so relaxed in a wedding, since Jas was the assigned planner for this couple, and I was here just to ensure all is as planned. Interesting it was one wedding party with many familiar faces - my old clients and friends. I have much thoughts in my mind and heart, and I will be flying again tomorrow.

The sound engineer came to me, and asked me : Hannah, how's business? Long time no see...
Honestly this year is a very special year for me. I was reminded that God will surprise me this year, with fulfillments of childhood dreams I thought He has forgotten. Our financial year ends in March, and a new financial year starts in April of each year. In Feb, I have no single deals for the new FY, my other planner has about 4 weddings, and we were wondering what has happened. My heart panicked a while, but then somehow because of what He has spoken, I was certain this year may be the
year I learn to rest in Him. We just passed March, and when I looked back unconsciously the deals I have just recently closed on my end, I realised God has blessed me with 5 weddings within a month... what can I say : After 7 years, God is still faithful.

Lord, thank you for being so faithful always... forgive me that at times, my little faith and doubts have failed to see Your wonderful blessings.. Teach me O Lord, never to doubt what You have promised.. in your time, You truly make all things beautiful.. Amen


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