When yr mind is transformed...

I wrote a note on facebook while I was in Seattle, and today I was reading again. It once again blessed my heart, so I decided to repost it on my blog :

Transformation of mind by the Holy Spirit :
Woke up early this morning, turned on TV and Joyce Meyer was sharing : Everyday, I tell myself I am blessed, I expect the abundance of blessings from the Lord. There are many people in this world, who thinks that waiting upon God is simple passive, awaiting for blessings to just fall from Heaven, and they do nothing but wait aimlessly.. But the true waiting of the Lord is aggressive, it is believing with action that what the Lord promises will come true. It is like a pregnant lady, she prepares for the baby to be birthed, she gets her body ready, she gets the baby room ready, she doesn't expect the baby to be gone.. she expects the baby to be birthed.
Instead of saying : I don't want to wish too much, just in case my dreams never come true and I am hurt. Every Christian should be saying : I pray for my dreams to come true, and even if the dreams do not come the way I perceive, in my spirit, i know God is good, and it will still be fulfilled, in ways beyond me, and when it happens, often we look back, God actually answers our prayer, sometimes more than just according to our desire, He perfects the process of us receiving and eventually be in awe of it,
Lord, let 2011 be the year I understand this truth even in greater measures.. I know you have given me a good dream, and when people or even myself sometimes wonder have you forgotten that specific dream, I knew You have already answered that dream, and you are preparing me to receive that in full blessings without any flaws.. I am getting my ready for it.. 2011 - the transformation of the mind by the Holy Spirit. Amen.



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