Taking care of ourselves...

Just came back from the hospital, and was really thankful that mum's surgery was smooth. Looking back despite the anxiety within that was accumulated for the past 1 month since the launch of Celebrate Heaven, I could only conclude : God has been gracious with us. While I was busy with the launch of our second brand, at the very same time, I was given news of the health conditions of our parents. Every checks, every updates happened so fast, that before I knew, the surgery was on, and now it was completed.

These past few days, going in and out of the hospital, I couldn't help but noticing somethings. There are many young doctors and health professionals. While they are busy taking care of the patients, I also have noticed : the doctors and nurses are working late, eating late, and looking unhealthy and tired as well. It is a common evident to notice that some were overweight.

And a voice within me reminded me : Hannah, that's the irony of life. While we are busy taking care of others, don't forget to take very good care of yourself. Otherwise, you can't fulfill the very role you are called to do. Yes, it's a wake up call. I believe this does not just apply for the health professionals, but for everyone of us, who work so hard to fulfill our clients' wishes, provide for our families and loved ones, let's not forget to take care of ourselves, so we can run further, do much and be happier professionals.

I am reminded of this quote by an unknown author :

As we focus so much on reaching out, helping and doing what's best for others that we completely forget about the person who needs us most. If you do nothing else today, remember to take extra special care of that person. That person is you.


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