What makes Hannah tick?

So happy that today is a public holiday.. somehow the feeling of knowing that everyone is off, allows me to be rested and not fuss about what is required to follow up. Being a party and wedding planner, my constant job is to plan for others' and be in control of every detail. And when it comes to my own personal life, many would have thought I love to plan... and the truth is I rather not.

Today's shopping incident was a good example. I went to buy some shelvings for my room.. and usually in my job, I would have taken all measurements properly before any purchase. But somehow I didn't do that for my own room.. I went to buy all that I liked, and then when I got home, I realised one of the cabinet didn't fit into my room, so I ended up returning the cabinet. But instead of being upset, I ended up buying more accessories to decorate my place and I forgot about the concern of storage.
The entire shopping experience was therapeutic for me despite the going in and out of Ikea with long queues of cars and people awaiting. 

Within two hours, I repacked my room.. and I felt so good about it, even though my Dad couldn't tell much difference about the changes - But I do - it is making something new again.
I was thinking through why was I so satisfied tonight- what makes me tick? And I found my answers :

  1. The freedom to be myself, regardless of what others think?
  2. The freedom to create anything with my hands, despite I can be quite clumsy. 
  3. The freedom to love someone, even when the other party may not reciprocate. 
  4. The freedom to buy something without having to worry about the cost and consequences.  
  5. The joy of knowing that every choices I made, someone up there is taking charge of it, and in His time, He makes all things beautiful!
  6. The joy of embracing one truth : I am deeply loved and highly favoured! So be happy!


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