Happy New Year and a amazing 2007 to come!!!

First and foremost.. Happy New Year and a great 2007... I am so excited for this year, just cleaned up my room, and my office and all sets to go for 2007...
But other than the physical cleaning, I took some time off just to reflect on 2006, and truly 2006 has been an amazing year of discovery and learnings... There were moments of tears, joy, laughter and love.. and at the end of the day, I am ready for 2007.

There's the difference between 2007 and 2006. I began this year with a new vision and hope for the days ahead... I believe this year is going to be a year of many pleasant surprises, many victories and many inner fulfillment of the dreams and hopes that's within.

Had a great children worship yesterday and met two of my good buddies for drinks.. and did lots of shopping. I hardly shop since I was a wedding planner.. and somehow, yesterday was just great to do the girly stuff with your gfs. Valli mentioned abt her resolution for 2007, and I wondered for mine.. so what's my resolutions.. sounds weird to pen it down.. and eventually I only have 3 simple ones..

  1. I want to see myself happy and contented in every moments. Amidst all the demands and needs arising in everyday, I want to learn to rejoice and be a joy to others, esp to my loved ones and families.
  2. I want to see myself excel in all I do. Be it in the arena of wedding designs, children worship, or simply learning a new skill.... yes, to make every moment count.
  3. Finally, I want to spend more time with my family, my ministry and give time for myself... afterall all, these are what matters to me most than my job and career..


Chi Kuang said…
Hey Hannah, hope you have a wonderful 2007!