An accurate review of myself

was busy planning weddings, not realising I was featured in one of the magazines - Bride De Jour, a new and upmarket wedding magazine.. a replacement of Luxx Weddings.
When my colleague first read the article, she called me urgently and said "Hannah, I think the magazine has spelt the company wrong.. they wrote "Hannah's Gift" instead of "Heaven's Gift".

The first reaction I thought was, it couldn't be, Editor Ruchira is a very meticulous person, she couldn't have missed that error.. so finally I got a chance to read the article.. and I have to thank Ruchira, this is the most accurate write up abt myself, the way I think and operate and the weddings I have done among the writeup I have seen.

And she is right to title the article "Hannah's Gift". Indeed, the article wrote more abt who I was before wedding planning,what caused me the change, and my philosophy in managing business in this industry. The article was like a summary of my journey and I was reminded of His grace.. It reminded me again... "Let Go, enjoy it and Let God".
I learnt to enjoy this tremendous journey... and the journey ahead is getting more and more exciting...