I am amazed by my couples all the time....

Today, I woke up having a sore throat... and knew ahead of me, it was another hectic day...as I went abt running the errands, I received a call from Chin Seng, a groom I last served, told me he would drop by to pass me something. Next I knew I received a gift from my couple, a gesture of their appreciation to me as their planner.

I looked back and was amazed. Iris & Chin Seng is one couple that never fails to amaze me. They were the first couple that was more concern whether I would be comfortable working with them as well as planning their wedding, than whether I was the right planner for them. Throughout the planning journey, whenever I fell sick, I got loads of sms and email expressing their care and regards. At times, I did feel I was overly complimented for my works than what I have deserved.
At the end of their wedding, I was happy. Their guests were more spontaneous and fun than I ever imagined. Who say local couple with traditional guests cannot have fun.. Every guest turned up early for the banquet, we began our celebration at 7.40pm, contrary to many beliefs that Chinese weddings would always start late. I saw Iris' Dad sings, the old and young guests enjoyed the bubble blowing.. and finally, the couple relaxed and simply being themselves.
And I would never have guessed, Iris & Chin Seng actually called up every supplier they have in contact with, and thanked them personally.

I looked back, Iris & Chin Seng poured love and sincere care for others, and in the end, all are happy to be a part of their celebration.. I have guests coming to me at the end of the event saying they have found this wedding different and fun, ... and all I can say, is the wedding is a reflection of the host more than the planner.


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