4 more days to go...

Last weekend, I really shopped a lot, bought couple of dresses, accessories and best of all, a super huge luggage.. preparing for my trip to US. I spent a bomb that's all I know.Went up dinner with my sis, and was asked how I would be celebrating my birthday... never thot of that, planner like me hardly plans for my own.. or rather hates to plan for your own events.
This time, I wanted to simply celebrate with my family... but realised my granny is handicapped so not so easy to move abt.. so decided to hold it at my office... and eventually I decided to invite my tenant partner, then some friends and before I knew, it became a party more than I have intended.. but felt different this yr, invite couple of friends whose birthday is in the same week.. and it's pretty cool to celebrate with friends that have their birthdays around yrs..
I started calling the caterer, deciding the menu, booking the cake chef etc etc.. and somehow I realised, I do dislike planning for my own... I suppose you wish you could just relax and not worry abt the logistics, esp u just want to enjoy...

On the other hand, I do look forward to it.. afterall I am celebrating my special day with people I love and enjoy being with... hmm... I am going to be 34... aging each day...hopefully gracefully :)


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