My joys & woes as a wedding planner...

These few days have been raining unexpectedly almost like a thunderstorm. And I will be having an semi outdoor wedding in couple of hours. Tomorrow's wedding is for a charming British couple who has a great sense of humour and whom I have enjoyed working with greatly. I woke up early this morning after hearing the thunders, and I was praying real hard "Oh God, pls don't let it rain, my poor lighting guy are climbing up the trees to hang up fairy lights for tomorrow's wedding. And beside, this couple is so so so sweet... early today, I went down to look at the setup, and as usual, my vendors and partners were so supportive despite the rain, the ants on the trees and the slippery grounds. They waited for my approval before they could call a day off.

That's why I always tell my couple : Pls trust us, Hannah is more meticulous than what you can imagine.. but often I learn to give my partners space.. after all, everyone wants to be happy doing a job. My joy as a planner is I get to create interesting weddings, and I am supported with tremendous gracious and generous suppliers who have become valuable partners. If you ask any of my suppliers, they will tell you Hannah knows what she is doing, and she is precise to what she asks.
On the other hand, as an artist, I do often get weary when I have to justify to my couple of my vendor selections, why I insist the way I approach in my planning, how I have envisioned the end product to be (despite they can't feel it for the moment).. and patiently waiting to the event day where all finally get to see what I have envisioned. The journey is often painful.. and every time, this long journey forces me to eventually decide whose wedding I want to plan . I know it may sound obnoxious.. but that's my woes as a planner.

I suppose every artist has his or her fair share of joys and woes.. and I just have to keep telling myself.. let the joy of creating beautiful weddings override all my woes. To me, a wedding reflects who my couple is, as well as how much Hannah and team have enjoyed in that wedding. I will say to all who wants to consider engaging a wedding planner, a designer, or a photographer etc for their wedding... do trust the people whom you have selected.. a true artist takes pride in showcasing his /her works, and desires to see his clients happy in receiving it.
Ok, enough thoughts for today... when I look up to Heaven, I find a new strength to press on..