The true meaning of wedding...

Yesterday was labour day, and I was planning for the wedding of Keon & Faith. I have to say I am very blessed planning the wedding. They came to me 7 weeks before their wedding, wanting something different and Keon was sweet, he granted Faith's desire to get a wedding planner, tho to them, having such a large group of church friends who can assist, getting a planner is unthought of for many.. but I am glad they did. Faith is always so trusting, and allowing me to do what I thought best reflected both of them. Despite all the comments they could get from their friends, they trusted their planner. And the more they do that, the more I want to ensure they have the best for their wedding. Finally, when I saw their smiles esp Faith's as she marched into the ballroom, and how happy and relaxed they were, I rejoiced. When she held my hand and said, "Hannah, thank you.. I really loved what was created...", "It's my pleasure.." I replied and I meant every single word.

It was also one wedding that I actually teared when I heard Keon's speech. He allowed me to realise how appreciative we should be to God, to our family as well as people around us. We may want the best aesthetics for a wedding, we may want everyone to wow at the decor, or the special details we created for our guests.. but ultimately what touches the guests' hearts is the essence of celebration. Wedding is all about how a couple has found each other, it's all about how God has orchestrated the union of one man and one woman, so differently but so matched for each other. It's about celebrating the union with yr loved ones, it's about appreciating people whom you love and whom you want to rejoice with. Finally, wedding is a celebration, not a showcase, once again, this thought echoes so much deeper in my mind..


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