Developing new blood

I just finished writing my lessons on grooming fundamentals and working attributes for the industry. Tomorrow is our staff meeting, and I decided to take time to instill the importance of having good attributes and attitudes as professionals. Often when we are busy with weddings, we overlook how we present ourselves, communciate with one another and how we work as a team. It was good we are all set ready for the coming weddings in Sep and Oct.. and having a training session like this refreshes all of us, even myself when preparing it.

A good planner, must know how to carry herself, how she relates to her clients and the suppliers, and how to be quick to learn, and slow to speak, and constantly looking out to grow in her knowledge and field of expertise. I don't think that there is a time we can tell ourselves we have learnt all that is needed.. this industry is ever changing, ever fascinating.. and I sometimes find myself not sleeping, just thinking of all the areas I can explore and discover...


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