My Shopping Style changes

Just came back from a bridal fitting from Tan Yoong... and really like the black cheongsum TY designed for my bride PJ. Tempted to tailor one for myself. Among all my brides I know, PJ is one bride that is the most dressy and fashionable bride I ever know. Whenever we have a meeting, she often surprised me with her attire, and I have to say so far I love all her pieces, even TY is amazed.

I still remembered we went shopping for a bridal shop in Essex walk, and who would have guessed how long we stayed there. In the end we spent almost 2 hours looking at shoes, she bought 4 pairs, and I was lured into buying one unexpected pair for myself costing me $600. This is what I called woman's impulse and influence.

I just bought a new wardrobe, threw away many clothings, and create more space for new designs that I am going for. Can't believe I used to be so slim and petite... and so much clothings I used to buy. In fact, I think I was more daring in my dressing when I was in my youth than now .. what an irony. I realised after 4 yrs in this industry, you taste in life changes, you look for a blend of sophistication within the simplicity.. .. Used to love all forms of designs, but now, you want something sleek and yet depict elegance. Being consistently with my youths in church and my brides, I seem to be surrounded with varied fashion trends change. I am glad in some ways, today's young adults are so much well dressed, yet sometimes I do wonder they too mature much faster than our times... nevertheless, it's a different generations.

Whichever it is, I am glad Singaporeans are getting more dressy than in the past. My friends in London and Hong Kong often says Singaporeans are so casual and sloppy in the dress sense.... now I can see it is changing.. people should dress for the occasion.. esp during weddings..
how you dress reflect how you regard the event or that moment.. and that itself tells a lot abt oneself..


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