The Lord knows what we need to carry on....

I have just finished a long call with a client's brother, who was questioning about some final details pricing with us, and I have had just finished a wedding with extensive setup last week, and now in the process of creating another big one I have dreamt about and can't wait to see the final expression for this coming week. And during that conversation, I was discouraged, because it was the same educational journey we need to go through with most clients, the questioning of our works and what it worths. And the past 2 weeks, I have not slept much and my team have not stopped working. Mentally, emotionally and physically I am tired. I don 't blame anyone, I have learnt to accept it is a process we have to do to
justify what we do.

And interestingly, when my soul was disheartened, I received an email from the parents of my couple from last Sat's wedding -Mr Richard Magnus and Mrs Eileen Magnus who surprised me with their thank you notes, and when I read it, my heart was lifted up, the Lord knows what we need to carry on... and I tear as I write this blog, Lord, you are the best hubby I can ever dreamt to have.

"Hi Hannah,

As part of our reflections and thanking God for His blessings on Step/Daniel's wedding we thank the Lord too for you.

We have many expectations. You delivered them all. The spatial ambience was magical, creative and imaginative. The placing of the lights in the Flutes walkway, the careful shadows on the trees as well as on the trellis which was sensitively decorated brought the right sparkle. The symbolic swing, stef's and daniel's theme, hanging naturally from the tree was a masterful touch, a touch that made the leap to genius. The foundational church event, the reception which was the social needed transition between the church event and dinner, and the dinner itself was carried out flawlessly. The solemnisation was well choreographed and executed with the processional. Solemnity was respected as vows were made, and ordinary rings become wedding rings, communion celebrated, exhortations made, blessings released and declarations of a marriage made. The tea ceremony took place meaningfully and sensitively. There was a relaxed mood at the reception. The buzz flowed with champagne. wine and canapes from Flutes. The atmosphere at the dinner was purposefully understated yet dignified and joyous. Nothing ostentatious. The marquee earned its reputation in the midst of the lush greenery. The dinner hall was ambient cool throughout which was a pleasant surprise. The music was of years gone by was discreet. Flutes cuisine was savour extraordinaire. The service was impeccable. The wine flowed to the occasion. The guests enjoyed themselves. There was an overflowing of fellowship and friendship. The dance floor was invitingly adequate and came to life with the evening. The MC was great. The speeches were brief. The tribute demonstrated love. The celebration seemed endless.

It was like a symphony orchestra that came alive in the hands of an expert conductor. It was our blessings that we had you as the conductor. Several of our friends had said it was an exceptional event and many still talked about it.

Well done Hannah. Thank you. You made an extraordinary event memorable and magical."
Richard Magnus

"Hi Hannah, we continue to receive compliments from many of guests about how wonderful Stephanie and Daniel's wedding was and how much they enjoyed themselves. Many called it a wedding with a difference and left with a warm feeling.
The entire setup wowed our guests, and the garden was transformed. Thank you for the lovely touches you put in and pulling in the various vendors to produce such a beautiful setting and atmosphere.
We came to you because of your exacting standards, and you certainly delivered."
Eileen Magnus


Your seriously need another vacation :D
Hannah Chong said…
I am thinking hard should I join u and Julie to drive fr LA to Arizona.. I kinda miss road trips ;)

Ya maybe I need to be away fr weddings for a while ..

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