Serving the Rich...

Have just completed a wedding with extensive setup, all went really well.. and everyone has fun. When you saw almost more than 100 guests dancing on the dance floor out of 250, you knew you have done the job. Yes, I was very very tired, couldn't wait to go home, it was an outdoor setup of a fully aircon-tentage linked to a fine-dining restaurant, and now we are tearing down all the 7 days hard work in a day.. that's our job, all the hard work for that 1 day finally removed in a day.

This year, we are serving more and more high-end clients, not just in the aspect that they are rich, but they are very influential in the society and the community. I looked back at the journey I have walked through these 7 years, God has been gracious to me and my team. We have gone through intensive and steep learning curve to be where we are today. Serving the rich is not just about knowledge and skill one needs to acquire, it is an attitude of humility and service we learn to cultivate continually within ourselves.

I was teaching one of our youths when he was sharing about his dream. Just like in ancient times, every king has his butler, cup bearer and special crew to take care of his well being. Often we stereotype this group of helpers as mere domestic servants, but in reality, they need to know their field well enough to be able to serve their kings well. Remember Nehemiah in the bible, he was the king's cup bearer. I don't think his role was just checking whether the food and wines were safe for the king's consumption.. he must have been trained to know the different types of wines, the different ingredients within the dishes that would satisfy the king's taste preference. The level of knowledge he had to constantly filled himself with, and the precision he had to be acquired to do his job well to continue to gain the king's trust and attention, that when he eventually asked the king to allow him to return to his homeland the build the broken walls of his nation, the king not only grant his requests, the king gave him resources to do what he desired.

Why would a king be so generous for a mere servant? I believe Nehemiah is beyond just a servant, he was a trusted confidant and friend for his master, and the years of humility and willingness he had demonstrated before the king has enabled the king to trust this man.
That was one thing I am always reminded. I am a wedding consultant, but I am also a butler. When I first came into this industry, I came in with much ideas and creativity, but the first thing I really learnt was to being humble and willing to serve my clients, and today the rich. It is only when you learn how to serve the couple and family, you learn to be connected with them, and that's when their dream becomes your dream and vision for their wedding.

Often this area in my life will be stretched and tested again and again, and during those times, I marvelled at how the Lord has enabled me and team to pass each experience. It was never easy, but the precision and depth He has trained our hands and minds to work amazes me. Lord, teach me always to be humble, to be passionate and never to lose heart to serve the rich.


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