Understanding Your Parents - Key Essential in Wedding Planning

Just came back from a food tasting with my couple and family. I have always enjoyed meeting up with my couple's immediate family members esp their parents, and food tasting session is such a good opportunity. It is always in this meeting, you get to appreciate the differences and similarities you discover between the couple and their parents.

Most of my couples have very strong family ties and keeping family traditions is evidently a must. The dinner began by us discussing abt the timing my couple needed to keep in the fetching of the bride and tea ceremony session. It was interesting to hear from the mother of bride, her experiences when she was a bride, and how she was treated then and how she had also learnt to let go her old traditions to accommodate the new generations of wedding celebrations.

I couldn't agree more when she mentioned that. Traditions tho essential to observe, they are still afterall secondary compared to the life time happiness a couple should strive to have. All these while, traditions are created with the sole purpose to bless the couple in their journey ahead. But if traditions take over the couple's joy in appreciating that, that traditions become meaningless.

Yet as a couple, we ought to learn how to appreciate our parents' thoughts in those traditions. As long as the traditions do not compromise our life principles, it is always good to follow as they are elements of our piety and respect we can give to our parents. Wedding traditions such as tea ceremony is treasured, think abt it, this may be the only time you get to serve all your family members and your relatives you hardly see- the first tea they could ever receive from you. Isn't that marvellous... At the end of the day, as a couple, learn to enjoy the exchange of ideas from your parents... and see their point of perspective, at the same time, learn to express your ideas integrating their thoughts and make it a mutual discovered idea.

One thing I came into conclusion, no matter how involved your parents are in your wedding plan, their heart is always striving for the good of their children. So as children, we learn to appreciate that process as we plan our weddings. At the end of the day, trust me, you will appreciate the exchange of their thoughts, because they will always be a part of your life, and you hold a part of who they are in you. So instead of retaliating, why not learn to submit and enjoy the growing process as a family.