Try this, a week before your wedding, stop worrying, start pampering yourself

This week itself, I have 2 weddings to plan. And as expected, the week before each wedding, my brides will start sms me, call me, remind me for very last minutes changes, despite those details have been finalised again and again.

In fact, in every first meetings with my clients, I will preamble my brides, "trust me, no matter how cool and hands off you are, the week before your wedding, your anxiety will start escalating... and even though you and your planners have planned all the details as discussed, you may still wonder what else have we left out. So when such moments occur.. just tell yourself- I am going to pamper myself and do something different other than worrying abt my wedding details, so that I can get back to sanity.. haha"

So, why do we as brides have such paranoid behaviour.. the answer is simple- Since young, we have unconsciously think abt our weddings while we are playing with our barbie dolls. We read abt Cinderella and how she met her prince charming and lived happily ever after. We doll ourselves up as little brides, covering our face with our blanket as a veil, walking around our little room pretending we are walking down the aisle. So with all the years of preparations and subconscious awareness that one day we will get marry.. when we finally do, we certainly want the best to turn up for our wedding..
The week before the wedding, are numbered days left to get things right.. and no wonder, almost 9 out of 10 brides, this very week is the most intensed period of the wedding preparations. Simply beacause the moment we have been waiting for, for years, is coming to pass so soon..

So what is my advice to all brides out there :

  1. Before you start planning for your wedding, write down how you want to feel in your wedding? Be surprised, Be cool etc and etc And read it again and again the week before your wedding to remind yourself the key purpose of holding this wedding.

  2. Set aside a budget which you are going to spend to pamper yourself the week before your wedding, be it going for a spa, shopping for your best dress, or simply going to a hotel or resort and stay for 2 days, it's worth it. Doing something you enjoy ignites a familiar joy within you.

  3. Finally, trust your fiance, your helpers and your wedding planner.. that all will go well. As I always say "Wedding is a reflection of the host, even if everything seems wrong, but if the couple stays happy and learn to laugh it off, the guests may not even notice the err that occurs.. instead, they are drawn to the love and happiness that overflows from the two of you.


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