Small is sometimes better than Big

Today, my whole concentration was to get my car fixed.. and I am so glad I went into the right workshop - STA at portsdown. They are so efficient and friendly, really help me to feel good abt the whole thing.. When you are in the service line, and you experience great service from another service really makes your day...

Never thought I will have a car for the next few days.. I am pretty ignorant abt such repair services since it is my first accident.. when I was handed the loan car for my small hatchback.. I got a shock, wow Toyota Altis.. what a huge car. At least to me.
I have to say after driving for two hours, I miss my Swift... tho Altis was big and comfty.. but there's just a lack of personal touches like Smart Stereo control at the steering wheel like Swift, easy steering angle etc etc.., I think I am still suitable for small compact cars.. it's more me..
Sometimes, business is likened to it too.. Tho size sometimes matter, but being agile, customer-friendly and personal is what customer is looking for...


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